The Wizard of Oz - April 9-10 2005

Countryside School Production

   Greetings, Ozites!

  Photos of "The Wizard of Oz" were taken at Saturday night's show by Michael Gorbatov of
The photos have been posted here, where they are not accessible to the public.
These photos are a wonderful way to forever remember your child's Oz experience!

  As you navigate through the photos, fill out THIS FORM referring to the reference numbers found next to each photo on the website.
Prices are $1 for 4 x 6, $3 for 8 x 10 (please note: we are selling these photos AT COST. This is NOT a fundraiser!.)
Make checks out to Countryside PTO and return this form and your check to school in an envelope marked "Oz Photos" by Wednesday, April 27. Photos will be delivered a few weeks later.

    - The Oz Team

Act 1


Act 2

The End
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